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About Us

"I have called you friends" John 15:15

Campus Ministry Vision: A community of faithful, hospitable, and joyful Catholic college students rooted in love for Jesus Christ and His Church.

Mission: To form college students to know and love God through prayer, friendship, and service.

"School of Friendship": In his book, The Adventure of Discipleship, Daniel Keating writes that, 'Christian discipleship at its core is a school of friendship'. Every university has different schools where students can enter specialized fields of study like nursing, engineering, education, etc.

Here at Newman Eau Claire, we hope to be a school of friendship where college students can learn how to have meaningful and lasting bonds with God and one another.

"School of Friendship': Identifying Characteristics

(1) Faithful: Students are committed to Jesus Christ and His Church. Students are also committed to the responsibilities that they take on as a part of our community life.

(2) Hospitable: Students are welcoming and friendly to all. This can take many forms, but in a particular way current students take the initiative to greet and talk with new students.

(3) Joyful: Students exhibit a peace and lightheartedness that flows from prayer, friendship, and service. This joy draws others in and stirs in them the desire to know Jesus better and to become a part of our community.

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