Thank you to all who have been coming to Mass and following the Covid precautions of distancing and mask wearing.  This has been a challenging time, but your cooperation and understanding definitely helped with our gathering for worship.


In light of last week's guidance from the CDC which seemed to catch everyone off guard, now the County, City, and Diocese have revised policies regarding gatherings.  People who have fully received a Covid19 vaccine no longer are required to wear a mask or distance when coming to Mass.  Obviously they can still choose to do so if they would like.  But the scientific studies have shown the vaccines to be effective.  People who are unvaccinated for Covid19 are highly encouraged to wear a mask and physically distance.


This is obviously a bit of a messy situation, so let's remember in all things charity.  The parish has been good following the precautions all along, so I have confidence it will continue depending on our individual circumstances.  


There will still be smaller sections of chairs distanced and also some larger sections of chairs for families and vaccinated people who want to sit together.  If you have people you would like to sit with again at Mass, the guidance is that it is safe if you are all vaccinated.  But please don't assume someone is okay with you sitting right next to them.  It would be good to ask and respect whether they are comfortable with it or not.


During the summer it's envisioned that more elements of our worship will be reintroduced over time, i.e. printing worship aids for congregational singing, sign of peace, altar servers, ushers/taking up a collection etc...  I know we have different opinions in the parish on what should or shouldn't be started again, so we'll proceed gradually.  So at this time the only change is on masks and distancing for vaccinated persons.


We'll also continue the Mass sign ups for at least this weekend and next weekend, but then maybe discontinue it if it seems our capacity for Mass is enough again.


Like always I'll be around before every Mass if any questions or concerns arise.  It is a gift to gather with you each Sunday for worship.  We have a resilient and anti-fragile faith!  Our Lord calls us to life.  How blessed are we to not only know the gift of natural life, but to also have been called to share in supernatural life.  As we gather for Pentecost may the Lord breathe new life of the Spirit upon us!



Fr. Dan